If you are a Calisthenics athlete who has been struggling or experiencing plataue and not seeing progress, this course is for YOU.

Through this course you will achieve a breakthrough in how to apply correct engagement, execution and movement patterns into your Calisthenics training. Our powerful video library within this course will set you on the correct path in achieving real progress.

NO more watching YouTube videos. NO more experimenting at the park. NO more trial and error.


Take advantage of having your very own and detailed Calisthenics pocket coach with a massive library of videos, each taking you step by step from a beginner level to an advanced level athlete.


Detailed Step By Step Videos (3 hours)

In this course you will get access to a 3 hour step by step blueprint that will help you save time and as a result completely remove trial and error from your training. We have included all you need to know in order to progress smarter, faster and injury-free by applying the techniques and methods you will find within the course.

12 Analytical Sections

We have compiled everything you need to know in 12 analytical sections consisting of a methodical video library, designed to help you avoid common mistakes and fast-track your progress.

Structure Your Workouts

NO more confusion with how to structure your own workouts. The detailed videos in this course will help you choose the right progression in accordance to your own strength level.

Correct Vs. Incorrect

Build strength smart and progressively by applying the corrective techniques analyzed in this course. Avoid common mistakes that can potentially result into injury and/or slow down your progress.

Mental Cues

Begin applying the necessary mental cues in your training so that you can engage the right muscle groups for any given exercise. In this course you will learn how to apply corrective mind-muscle connection in your training and begin thinking like an elite Calisthenics athlete.



The Ultimate Calisthenics Course is not only a course for Calisthenics but a course for achieving greatness over the course of time.

What I mean by this is that not only does Bodysthenics show you the correct technique for each exercise but they break it down by ever detail leaving you with no guess work at all. If you think the tutorials they provide on YouTube is great, then be prepared to take the great into greatness over the time, like George says its not about how much you weigh, its about having a mindset of a warrior and always progressing slowly.

Its not up to you when you will achieve the movement, its up to your body! This course has taught me to make sure that when I am working out that I focus on the key muscles that need to be engaged during each skill that I am after! If I haven’t been training with George for a year I wouldn’t be aware of anything to do with scapula work or hollow body engagement at all.

No matter what level your at, this Ultimate Calisthenics Course is for you for a lifetime anytime you forget about a movement you are able to access the course and re apply the knowledge that has been taught! As a bonus they also give you workouts that they recommend for each level for whatever skill you’re trying to achieve!

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An extremely well designed course that breaks down every important aspect a calisthenics athlete must go through to achieve their desired goals as well as true calisthenics mastery.

It explains proper muscle engagement and corrective techniques down to the tiniest detail and execution cue.

It is a must purchase, especially for beginners wishing to cut corners and avoid trial ‘n’ error, frustrations and debilitating injuries. Make no mistake, nothing but hard work, dedication and consistency will get you there but the Bodysthenics course is designed to put you on the right track without the hassle of guess work.

It is also extremely beneficial for those intermediate and advanced athletes that don’t have coaches and usually face the daily or weekly dilemma of creating a workout plan, often dreading over or under training.

The course features a section about the ideal mindset of an athlete, taking motivation out of the equation and replacing it with discipline as an asset that will eventually get you where you want to be and even further.

Having gone through the course, I wish I could go back in time so I could start my calisthenics journey the proper way.

A highly recommended purchase and in my humble opinion, you get much more value than what you pay for!

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This course is extremely well put together, incorporating all important aspects which make up a good athlete, how to achieve perfect form, the right exercise selection and developing a great mindset.

There’s really a lot of effort put into the editing and filming. I learned quite a few new things. I think the example workouts really brought the course to life. Someone who doesn’t know how to structure workouts should get an idea on how to structure them in general

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  • 80 Videos/3 hrs of Content
  • Access to ALL Future Content
  • User-friendly experience (mobile & desktop)
  • Voice-over guidance (step by step)
  • Workouts for ALL levels

Course Curriculum

What you will learn through the course (1:40) Free Preview
Scapula Mechanics (3:30) Free Preview
Calisthenics Fundamentals (1:48)
Push-Up Starting Position (2:08)
Push-Up Variations (6:20)
Rowing Variations (5:11)
Dip Starting Position and Form (2:08)
Dip Common Mistakes (2:20)
Straight Bar Dip (1:21)
Band Assisted Dip (1:30)
Dip Variations (3:12)
Pull-up Form and Engagement (4:04)
Pull-up Variations (5:27)
Handstand (Overview) (2:36)
Handstand (Back to Wall) (1:19)
Wall Crawls (1:35)
Handstand (Stomach to Wall) (1:04)
Piked Scapula Elevation Reps (1:13)
Pike Push-up Overview (1:23)
Pike Push-up Starting Position (1:37)
Pike Push-up Execution (Floor) (1:32)
Pike Push-up Execution (Paralletes) (1:49)
Pike Push-up (Elbow Flaring) (1:04)
Pike Push-up (Body Sinking) (00:59)
Pike Push-up (Looking Back) (00:43)
Pike Push-up (Pushing Back) (00:56)
Pike Push-up (Elevate Scapula) (00:42)
Pike Push-up (Straight Bar) (00:58)
Pike Push-up (Neutral Floor) (00:45)
Hollow Body Application (1:22)
Hollow Body Engagement (2:22)
Hollow Body Boat Exercises (3:21)
Hollow Body Mixed Floor Exercises (3:20)
Hollow Body Hanging Exercises (4:27)
Hollow Body P-Bar Exercises (1:33)
Hollow Body TRX Exercises (0:55)
Training your Lower Body in Calisthenics (1:28)
Lower Body Exercises (2:35)
The Strength Pyramid (3:10)
Beginner Workout 1 (Endurance) (3:25)
Beginner Workout 2 (Endurance) (2:26)
Beginner Workout 3 (Endurance) (2:34)
Intermediate Workout 1 (Handstand / Dragon Fly) (2:14)
Intermediate Workout 2 (Muscle Up / Dragon Fly) (2:00)
Intermediate Workout 3 (Push / Pull) (3:57)
Intermediate Workout 4 (Push / Pull) (3:44)
Advanced Workout 1 (Handstand Push-Up) (3:10)
Advanced Workout 2 (Front Lever) (2:03)
Advanced Workout 3 (Front Lever / Handstand Push-Up) (3:41)
Advanced Workout 4 (Planche) (2:59)
Advanced Workout 5 (Planche / Handstand Skills) (3:12)
Straight Arm Strength (Overview) (1:16)
Straight Arm Strength (MUST DO EXERCISES) (3:05)
Straight Arm Training Frequency (1:10)
Bent Arm Strength (1:25)
Bent Arm Exercise (Elbow Plank Dips) (00:40)
Bent Arm Exercise (Tricep Extensions) (00:55)
Bent Arm Exercise (Tiger Bend Push Up) (1:30)
Bent Arm Exercise (Russian Dips) (1:19)
Bent Arm Exercise (Negative Ring Muscle-Up) (1:36)
Front Lever Vs Planche (Overview) (2:06)
Corrective Planche Engagement (1:06)
Corrective Scapula Protractions (1:03)
Tuck Planche Correct Form & Technique (2:32)
Advanced Tuck Planche Correct Form & Technique (1:17)
Advanced Tuck Planche (Entrance 1) (1:46)
Advanced Tuck Planche Entrance 2 (1:05)
Planche Strengthening Exercises (Overview) (00:35)
Planche Lean Technique (Muscle Engagement) (2:20)
Pseudo Negatives (Execution & Technique) (1:14)
Pseudo Planche Push Up (Execution & Technique) (1:10)
Handstand To Tuck Planche (Negatives) (2:04)
Front Lever Engagement (Entrance) (2:55)
Front Lever Strengthening Exercises (Bodyweight Row) (2:02)
Front Lever Strengthening Exercises (Inverted Row) (1:22)
Front Lever Strengthening Exercises (Advanced Tuck Negative) (2:36)
Front Lever Strengthening Exercises (Advanced Tuck Negative + Hold) (00:47)
Front Lever Strengthening Exercises (Advanced Tuck Lever Raises) (00:51)
Front Lever Strengthening Exercises (Advanced Tuck Ice Cream Makers) (1:25)
Advanced Elbow Plank (00:34)
Archer Pull-Up (00:36)
Archer Push-Up (1) (00:37)
Archer Push-Up (2) (00:59)
Archer Push-Up (3) (00:42)
Band Assisted L-Sit to Front Lever Reps (00:47)
Dragon Fly (1) (00:45)
Dragon Fly (2) (1:10)
Handstand Push-Up (00:50)
Pike to Bent Arm Handstand Hold (00:54)
Tuck Planche Push-Up (00:40)
Wall Assisted Handstand Push-Up (1) (00:42)
Wall Assisted Handstand Push-Up (2) (00:45)
Breathing in Calisthenics (Overview) (1:24)
Breathing Correctly (Benefits) (00:46)
Breathing Mistakes (AVOID THESE!) (00:44)
How To Breathe During Basics (1:41)
How To Breathe During Explosive Exercises (00:36)
How To Breathe During Core Exercises (00:53)
How To Breathe During Handstand Push-Up (00:26)
How To Breathe During Lever Holds (1:45)
How To Breathe During Static Exercises (1:41)


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